The Pousse en Claire Label Rouge oyster is an exceptional oyster. The Marennes Oleron oyster farmers used to taste this oyster as a privilege among insiders and did not market it. The Pousse en Claire is refined in our Claires for 4 to 8 months, which are clayey basins with a low water level, allowing good penetration of light conducive to the development of oyster food. We put only 2 oysters per square meters. Thanks to the particular nutritional quality of the Claires, the oyster double or triple its volume of flesh and its weight and acquire a very characteristic firmness as well as an inimitable taste of terroir. The oyster takes the time to develop its growth in harmony with its environment, the reason for this exceptional quality.

Breeding in Claires for a minimum of 4 months and only 2 oysters per square metre. Homogeneous shape, large quantity of flesh, ivory mantle and white gills.
Pleasant flavor of Claire terroir, seaweed, firm and crunchy consistenc, very long length in the mouth

For lovers of very fleshy oysters with a pronounced taste of terroir and a long length in the mouth
Available from October to April