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Established on the Marennes Oleron oyster basin since 1879, the Chironfils company uses all its experience, while respecting tradition, to offer exceptional quality offer.

We produce our oysters from birth on the Aix island parks, up to their marketable size after 3 years of breeding. Going obviously through refining in Claires in Marennes and the Oléron island in order to give our oysters a unique local taste.

6 Generations of Oyster Farmers

Chironfils oyster company cultivates its uniqueness in the Marennes Oléron basin. Very few oyster farmers can assert their presence without interruption for 6 generations. Over the years, the company created by Mr. CHIRON has diversified to adapt to the demand of a constantly changing market.

Experience & Tradition

La Seudre, Oleron island, Marennes and l’Eguille  
Spats are gently collected from the perfect areas of Aix island. Nature gives its best there. The Chiron family possesses oyster parks and Claires which are located between Marennes, Oleron island and Ré island; Packaging and shipping processes are carried out in the historical site of l’Eguille.

The traditional refining technique in Claires enables Chironfils to produce the 4 qualities of oysters labeled PGI Oysters Marennes Oléron (Protected Geographical Indication): Fine de Claire, Fine de Claire Green Label Rouge, Spéciale de Claire, Pousse en Claire Label Rouge.

A lot of Innovation

Longline oyster – a jewel in the ocean
Chironfils is the pioneer of the longline culture of oysters in the open sea. The company operates a longline field off the Ré island. This unique know-how, patiently developed since 2002, offers a unique quality of oyster, the Special Chironfils, very fleshy and iodized. This innovative process allows bags of oysters to be suspended in cages permanently submerged in the open sea. It never breaks the natural cycle of the oyster and the quality of the oysters produced is often much higher than that from the traditional breeding. The Special Chironfils oyster is a real treasure, a perfect marriage between future and tradition.

Quality & Certification

Protected Geographical Status and two Red Labels for the Oysters of Marennes Oleron Since 1989 when they won the first Red Label for a maritime product (Fines de Claires Vertes), the oyster producers of Marennes Oleron have decided to fight for the quality of their product.

In 1999, a second Red Label is won for La Pousse en Claire, the top of Marennes Oleron oysters.In February 2009, the European Union registered Marennes Oleron oysters with the Protected Geographical Status Label, bringing to fruition twenty years of hard work in favour of high quality.

Finishing in « Claires », a true speciality of the Marennes Oleron basin, is now recognised at a European level and extends over 3,000 hectares between the Seudre river and the Island of Oleron.

3000 hectares

Refining in Claires is a real particularity of the Marennes Oleron basin recognized at the European level. The territory stretches on more than 3000 hectares between the Seudre river and the Oleron island.

The oysters have a special refined taste due to this unique technique.

The Oysters

All the Marennes Oleron Oysters are :

– Controlled by the Quality Department of the Organisation and by an Independant Certifying Organisation
– Packed by Chironfils in the historical site of L’Eguille
– Raised on the French Atlantic Coast
– Refined in Claired on the Marennes Oléron basin