The Fine de Claire Verte Label Rouge is a not very fleshy oyster raised in the open sea for a minimum of 3 years on the Frech Atlantic Coast. The oyster is then refined in our Claires which are clayey basins with a low water level allowing good penetration of light, conducive to the development of the oyster’s food.
During its stay in Claires, a micro-algae called the blue navicula will come to color the golden gills of the oyster and will give it its beautiful green color. This process is entirely natural and depends on the good with of mother nature to make the blue navicula appear in Claire.

Homogeneous shape, sufficient amount of flesh, translucent to white mantle, green gills, pleasant marine smell with refined taste of Claire terroir, balanced salt and sweet flavors, soft to slightly firm consistency, medium length in the mouth

For lovers of beautiful emerald color oysters with refined terroir taste
Available from October to April