Chironfils is the pioneer of the longline culture of oysters in the open sea. It has established a longline oyster farm off the coasts of the islands of Ré and Oléron. Longlines are installations consisted of buoys and ropes which allow the preservation of the pockets of oysters suspended in cages immersed permanently in 1 meter below the sea level. To avoid a drift bound to the currents, anchorings maintain these structures in fixed points. This unique know-how which has been patiently developing since 2002 has moved from experimental stage to production stage, thus producing 150 tonnes per year. But this innovative system requires traditionnal labour.

-Consistent shape, sufficient quantity of flesh, translucent or white mantle, green gills -Agreeable marine odour -Finished flavour, typical of the region balanced taste, salty then sweet, soft to firm consistency, medium longevity on the palate