The Pousse Claire is an exceptional oyster produced only in the geographical area of ​​the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) of Marennes Oléron. It is raised in our Claires at a very low density of 2 oysters / sqm for a minimum of 4 months.

We put the first oysters in our Claire from the month of June. They are fished from October and the season ends at the end of April.

The oysters placed in Claires in June have a size of n°4, that is to say approximately 50 gr/oyster.

The particularity of this low-density breeding is to obtain a very fleshy oyster with strong growth, thanks to a large quantity of phytoplankton (food).

Phytoplankton is a microalgae which the oyster naturally feeds on. Shellfish are currently the only animals that are not fed and cared for by human hands.

The oysters are sorted by hand according to their size at the end of breeding and divided into n°1 (± 140 gr / oyster), n°2 (± 100 gr / oyster) and n°3 (± 80 gr / oyster ).

La Pousse en Claire was for a long time a product not marketed by oyster farmers because it was reserved for a few initiates. This oyster, certified Label Rouge, is currently produced by a few well-informed professionals.

La Pousse en Claire has a remarkable taste of terroir and a very long length in mouth. It is the very top-of-the-range Marennes Oléron oyster recognized throughout the world.